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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Tones Down Gets Pg Rating

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince seems to be on a course for the disappointing Harry Potter fa... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:54

Quot Valkyrie Quot Redeems Tom Cruise

Perhaps the only commonality the film shares with its predecessors is finely craft music (though not... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:54

Hudson Camp Denies Inauguration Invite Rep For Singer Says There Is Quot No Truth Quot To Recent Rep

The New York Post reported Wednesday that Hudson was in negotiations to sing The Star-Spangled Banne... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:54

Steven Spielberg Tells Welsh University To Stop Using His Image

A university spokeman said: The university was asked to remove a photograph of Steven Spielberg whic... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:54

Tom Cruise Cruise Wahlberg And Reeves On Razzies Ballot

Movie Hunks TOM CRUISE MARK WAHLBERG and KEANU REEVES have been named and shamed on the ballot this ... weiterlesen
9.1.09 14:54


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