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Tom Cruise Cruise Wahlberg And Reeves On Razzies Ballot

Movie Hunks TOM CRUISE MARK WAHLBERG and KEANU REEVES have been named and shamed on the ballot this year (09) initial Golden Raspberry Award nominees. The trio is among those for the worst disgrace to Actor Razzies ceremony on the eve of the Oscars (21Feb09). The card applications which were announced on Wednesday (07Jan09), but Meet The Spartans, Speed Racer, High School Musical 3, L Happening, Meet Dave and Paris Hilton The Hottie The night as the worst film Nods..
9.1.09 14:54

Steven Spielberg Tells Welsh University To Stop Using His Image

A university spokeman said: The university was asked to remove a photograph of Steven Spielberg which had been included by mistake in a current sheet. L University campus Lampeter was the director Jurassic Park image on a leaflet promoting its service to creative writing. L university said infringement leaflet was withdrawn and officials have apologized. But lawyers acting for the director, who won Academy Awards for Saving Private Ryan and Schindler List, wrote to employees asking them to stop using the image.
9.1.09 14:54

Hudson Camp Denies Inauguration Invite Rep For Singer Says There Is Quot No Truth Quot To Recent Rep

The New York Post reported Wednesday that Hudson was in negotiations to sing The Star-Spangled Banner at the ceremony, but his agent told Access Hollywood that the star has no intention of participating in any activity inaugural.. A representative for Jennifer Hudson denies recent reports that the Presidential Inaugural Committee was his attempt to invite to play the celebrations at the January 20th.
9.1.09 14:54

Quot Valkyrie Quot Redeems Tom Cruise

Perhaps the only commonality the film shares with its predecessors is finely craft music (though not including Wagner namesake opera). Effect is stark and simple but effective, as the narrative is. Forget the Scientologists love-struck for a couple of hours at least. `` In Valkyrie , Tom Cruise throws away his reputation and even the stars of Hollywood glitz action day of its best, as a serious, sympathetic hero rise against Hitler. It also opts for separate images, and the color palette remains far from the usual sea of shocking red flags Nazi. This is not another Tinseltown WWII flick.
9.1.09 14:54

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Tones Down Gets Pg Rating

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince seems to be on a course for the disappointing Harry Potter fanbase. First, there were the usual rumblings about changes to the story and characters, and then came the terrible decision to delay Half-Blood Prince by more than a year..
9.1.09 14:54

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